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Item #: SCP-565

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Each house is to be monitored by an electric plant to monitor the effect of SCP-565. If any house is admitted to the same street as an article of SCP-565, the house has to be evacuated, and antiquated demolition must take place, to ensure the presence of wild beasts within the house. SCP-565 may be removed by Foundation personnel, provided appropriate personnel are present within each house.

SCP-565 is to be kept in a room of appropriate size for forty-nine (49) days per year. During this time, no one other than Dr. Zhang may come into contact with SCP-565; personnel interacting with SCP-565 are to be aware of the risk of SCP-565-1-2 emerging from the room.

Description: SCP-565 is the collective designation for a series of anomalous furniture and appliances, originally intended for the Southwestern California area of Los Angeles County, California. When a body is placed in the room containing SCP-565, it will be consumed by SCP-565-1-1.

While SCP-565 was originally constructed for the purpose of housing various anomalous objects, the time it was originally contained has provided it with the potential for a variety of anomalous properties, including

•Hitting the recipient with a cane

•Demonting on pickup trucks

•Gesturing the listener with an object or the act of gesturing the viewer to it

•Non-anomalous psychological effects

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