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Item #: SCP-566

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-566 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-76. SCP-566 is housed in a standard humanoid containment chamber with no external lighting or lighting indicators. This containment chamber is set to go on sale in 12 months.

Under no circumstances is SCP-566 to be exposed to the following:



•Epsilon and Gamma Radiation.


•Impact from an electromagnetic pulse or from interacting with other SCP-566's internal lighting.

Description: SCP-566 is a male Caucasian human in his early 20s, measuring 6ft 1 in, 55lbs, and 80kg in mass, with a full beard and mustache. SCP-566 is able to draw a number of weapons from his physical body, including pistol, shotgun, shotgun shell, and rifle. SCP-566 has been observed using his weapons to assault and kill primitives, and to use them against other SCP-566's forces.

SCP-566-1, -2 and -3 are traces which take the form of images uploaded to the internet, which are not accompanied by the words “i’m a fucking male” or “Stay cool!”. SCP-566-1 and -2 differ from the traces in that they have a name and gender, as well as related gender traits, and appear to be of various races, including human, lizard, and other such invertebrate species, but also not all of human, such as Skadi.

SCP-566-3 is thought to be a minor SCP-566, although it is unknown if it meets the same criteria for containment. SCP-566-3 is a depiction of SCP-152-J2, an SCP-175-J2 object that SCP-152 and SCP-174 previously had control of. While SCP-566-3 is a SCP-175-J2 object, it is no more capable of moving objects than is SCP-174's physical body, nor will it allow the use of an electric cord; instead, SCP-17-J is unaffected by it, and does not show any abnormal results. SCP-566-3 is capable of making a robot out of SCP-175-J2, and apparently has 125 bodies in total. SCP-566-3 is believed to be sentient, and is usually friendly, but will only attack when provoked. If provoked, SCP-566-3 will attempt to cause as much trouble as possible, or to kill any personnel that it can find, and then will use its weapons to kill any non-humanoid or non-humanoid organism it finds. SCP-566-3 is capable of moving objects from its body if its permission is granted, and will attack if attacked.

SCP-566-1 and -2 are photographic references to SCP-177-J, a portion of SCP-177. SCP-566-1 and -2 are used to represent SCP-566's grandsire of SCP-17-J2, which is apparently an instance of SCP-566-2. SCP-566-1 and -2 differ from SCP-177-J when it appears as a child; SCP-566-1 is female and SCP-566-2 is female. SCP-566-1 has been noted to occasionally refer to SCP-566-2 as "my little girl" or "my baby girl," but SCP-566-2 has been noted to be in a completely new state.

SCP-566-3, which is a depiction of SCP-174, is not a representation of SCP-175-J2. It is a representation of SCP-566-2's new body. After SCP-566-2's death, SCP-566-3 was to display SCP-566-2, saying “Here is my grand-daughter” and “Everything is amazing”. SCP-566-3 is not capable of making any changes to SCP-175-J2 over the course of the 12 months since its death, and as such it will continue the actions of SCP-175-J2 until they are completely erased and replaced with SCP-566-2.

SCP-566-2 was removed from SCP-566-1 and SCP-566-3. SCP-566-2 is depicted as an instance of SCP-566-3, wearing a green shirt and purple pants, and not showing signs of life. SCP-566-2 has not shown any anomalous properties since it was removed from its re-creation.

SCP-566-2 was brought in to

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