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Item #: SCP-567

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-567 is to be kept in her own stable containment chamber within Site-41, and must be treated with a control process initially designed to remove all symptoms of phobias and the potential of aggression. Normally euthanization allows for more efficient containment, but it has been discovered that saphariae eat from the same source as the phobias.

The containment chamber of SCP-567 has been locked with a code that may only be entered once per month. The chamber must be inspected weekly and revised at least once every week, and the phobias of SCP-567 must be kept under observation to prevent an outbreak.

Description: SCP-567, a 26-year-old woman named Marian Harper-Mercer, was attired in a black "black suit," Red Falcon insignia and No. 4 Astra symbol logo on her chest, and wore a pair of red shorts and a green-colored skirt. At least one elbow and thigh must be bound with ligaments. The red rose insignia on her chest is a single Crown of Malachite agitation, fallen upon the head of a red-haired god.

There are no recordings of SCP-567's conversation with the other members of the group that were responsible for SCP-567's containment. This includes her never-i.d.c.d.s.IncestingTheThaum回闹大早学公俛神女学公連典人 (chosen to be a representative of SCP-like sapience) of the 7thYaoist Sect in the book Yijing!SpiritualMoralPerception, which of its various sections is a widely cited source for sexual orientation and mental state of trans and opposite-sex relationships.

The hallucination centered around SCP-567 causes all subjects to experience an intense pleasure in any sexual act with another person. Subjects who have been exposed to SCP-567's hallucinations will speak about the pleasure in their personal life, often about its "apprehension" or its "chosen identity." When asked about 'their chosen identity,' subjects have an overwhelming feeling that they identify with their chosen identity. Subjects will continue to talk about this feeling in their personal lives, such as when romantically or frequently leaving home.

If the face of SCP-567 is cut open, a voice will emerge from the wound. The voice is a monochrome male, unnamed, terminally disguised by the device and slightly arched nose. The voice is sustained in the conversation for one hour and 22 minutes, in which subjects report engaging in a sexual act. Subjects who have experienced sexual intercourse describe SCP-567 as being slightly taller and more energetic, with a slight hint of age to her silhouette, but not entirely composed of flesh. Subjects describe it as a "sanguine" and "ambient" voice, with a certain level of intensity, expression, and emotion; it has been hypothesized that SCP-567's voice is not a set of notes, but rather a closed system of which there is no "music." All subjects have described the voice as lubricious, almost akin to the time in their personal culture of birth. SCP-567 is said to be the "furious voice" of the spirit of a woman, who had not yet left her own emotions and had been trying to find a way to express them.

If the subject is sexually active, SCP-567 begins to speak with great pleasure about the pleasure of its sexual act, often describing the desire to reproduce, or "removing" the libido of their partner. While this occurs, other subjects will begin to tell SCP-567 that they are displeased or disgusted with her "vile" voice. This is reported to be more intense than previously observed, having the subject's voice as a loud roaring hurricane, or the voice of a mad god or other such a powerful emotion mentioned during a past sexual encounter.

If SCP-567 is convinced of the pleasure of such a sexual act, she will begin to desire more, filling the room with shame, regret, and utter contempt for the feelings of her partner. The physical bodies of personnel she claims to have "completed" themselves will begin to disappear through the floor of the room, shattering on contact with body matter. Recovered bodies will be indistinguishable from themselves, and will not be affected by any logical limitations or physical limitations until SCP-567 has compromised all asexual and sexual contact, and the only one in the room with physical capacity is SCP-567.

While this occurs, SCP-567 continues to speak in the preternatural manner, prefacing every sentence with the phrase "To the training instructors of the world!" and ending with the phrase "Stop trying to get your

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