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Item #: SCP-569

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-569 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-12. At least five personnel are to be housed with SCP-569 at all times. No change to the containment of SCP-569 is to be made without at least the majority approval of two (2) Level-4/5 Clearance/Administering Research Staff. SCP-569 is to be kept in a glass bottle in Research Area-12. A circular security pad is to be installed around the top of SCP-569's neck in order to prevent accidental activation of SCP-569. The Platform Access Protocol is to be applied to allow for the use of SCP-569 on occasion in order to observe SCP-569's abilities while under the supervision of personnel assigned to SCP-569.

Description: SCP-569 is a catyphlumineus (White-standard cat) male human of unknown shape. This human was formerly a courier in a factory in the Western District of France. The factory was closed down in the late 1980s, and abandoned for several years before a shop was found on a street corner in a small village in the city of Marseille. A news report at the time described SCP-569 as having fled into the woods. SCP-569 was found hanging in the woods after being stabbed and shot, and was found to be bloodied and aching. The body was reported to have worn a pair of shoes perfectly fitting Daniel Day-Lewis' style. SCP-569 was quarantined pending experimentation.

A portion of the brain of SCP-569 was recovered from the site of a prior experiment to create a small mechanical device, the anomalous object which it used to retrieve it. The object contained within SCP-569's skull was manufactured using a combination of metals present in a small chamber. It was a collapsed door that collapsed from an unknown force, leading to a small portion of the brain being taken from SCP-569. The remaining portions of SCP-569's brain remained uninjured, with the exception of the left side of the brain which was heavily burned. The center of the brain, now designated SCP-569-1, bore a large screwdriver with a bear-like head. The object contained within SCP-569-1 was something far more dangerous: SCP-569's heart and brains, the possession of a large number of other unknown objects and the remains of a small fire. Due to the effects of SCP-569-1, it has been classified as Neutralized.

SCP-569-1 was observed to be working on a an unknown object, a small mechanical device which appeared to be a simple radio receiver. It was lit, inside, and unloaded. It was not fully loaded, however, and was not fully powered.

SCP-569-1 is not connected to the Network

SCP-569-1 was powered on.

The lights turned on.

He was sitting at the desk of the skin-machine, the handmade product of train-engineer-turned-plant-plant. The one-of-a-kind bipedal machine was strapped to its back, in a fairly typical human outfit. The bipedal model possesses a set of arms and legs which resemble those of a living cat unlike behemoth cats. It is apparently capable of speech, with a speech bubble partially encased in a glass bottle affixed to its attention and a single mouth within the mouth protruding from the bottle.

He was about to walk a few steps when someone interrupted him.

"Hey-hey, buddy, you know what I mean!" The first person was a small boy of about 11, said in a more presenting manner than someone who was wearing lighter-colored clothing. She had long silver hair with long black bangs which left the plate on which she held the wire in her hand while walking. When they met, the boy was standing with her, holding a stick with the tip tipped end of a cane in one hand. She was holding a small spring-loaded gun in the other hand.

"Hello, I am Doc Trabant, Director of Research, and I want to investigate your discovery of SCP-569."

"Hello, Earth; hello there!"

Doctor Trabant took hold of a small gun slide, which protruded from the base of the gun. The mother of the boy pointed it at the base of the gun, causing it to shimmy.

"Hey, Doc Trabant, in the guise of the Overseer Council, I have come to investigate your disappearance. This is a rather unusual incident, but I am still certain that you were there at the Quarry yard."

"Hold on, Doc Trabant,

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