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Item #: SCP-570

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building currently identified as SCP-570 is to be kept under constant surveillance. Attempts to access the place by Foundation personnel with expertise in computer systems or information security is to be considered an extreme breach of protocol. Any attempts to enter the building are to be considered an immediate breach of containment.

Researchers with Level 3 credentials are required to enter and exit SCP-570 at all times.

Description: SCP-570 is an elevated portion of the Bellagio Branch Library holding the library itself. The collection is composed of books containing various anomalous materials. The bulk of SCP-570 consists of pages of odd, obscure books, with no author names, title, or more commonly known as SCP-570's roof. Inside are a number of private collections of volumes or books, many of which appear to have been scanned by the author, or even arranged by some other person, and are filled with a number of books not mentioned at the time of publication. The most prominent of these is believed to be related to [REDACTED], previously cited in Document 570-0.

SCP-570 is not anomalous as far as anyone else's knowledge of it is concerned. However, SCP-570 also causes the mind to perceive itself as a part of the Bellagio Branch Library itself, which causes the same tendencies of perception to make itself seen as being of a regular person existing. Moreover, SCP-570 can also cause an individual to be seen as a part of the Bellagio Branch Library itself. In addition, these effects are activated interactively with the user only, and have no effect outside of this state.

SCP-570 is neither new nor removed, nor even an instance of SCP-580. SCP-570 is merely a gradually increasing number of books containing anomalous material. Books written by SCP-570 will remain too, if not more manifesting themselves, at the library. So long as the books don't differ from any other, SCP-570 will be able to contain each book he deems worthy of containing. However, if the books take precedence over any other collection, SCP-570 has no resource for keeping track of them. Stringing together a collection of books and rearranging the stacks can influence the amount of information instead of any individual book. SCP-570 actually seems to have an incentive to keep it in order, although he doesn't seem to be able to recreate there things. Of course, that doesn't mean it isn't a resourceful man, it just requires more skill than anyone else.

SCP-570 was found in the library of the main library, its books all being available to be read. An informant reported that the library had been "ruined" and that the books had taken precedence in the library. Investigators were only found after a local residence was raided, which led to SCP-570's containment.

Document 570-0:

Below is a transcript transcribed from [REDACTED], a private collector who was collecting materials from SCP-570's roof and found in an abandoned kitchen after it was discovered in [REDACTED]. Several books were found in the library, including SCP-570, SCP-576, SCP-577, SCP-578, and SCP-579, to this date. All of these books have been brought to Foundation attention in the late 1970's, and was captured at the Foundation's location in northern California. The condition of the Foundation's collection of books is still unknown.

When caught, SCP-570 has been found in the Library of Bellagio Branch Library, and has been captured.

SCP-570 has been taken from the library at the highest point on one of the roofs, and is being taken.

We have had another strange day. Thought it was getting funny? Humph. SCP-570 is under monitoring.

I have to go to the Central Library to get it.

SCP-570 can make things to appear as any books from any point on Earth. No one needs to know what it is.

I must leave. Only time to go back.

SCP-570 seems to be adapting to its new surroundings. I've never seen it before, and it seems to be adapting to its surroundings.

This is all I can say. I am getting used to it.

SCP-570 is getting used to the atmosphere.

The people are finding it fun to be outside.

SCP-570 is very clever. We should be able to find more. That will probably take too long.

This goes to be very soon.

I have been reading a Blakemore series, was playing with a scale, and as of this moment it seems to have all of the series in its sights.

[REDACTED]: There is something here. Anyone know what it is?

[REDACTED]: It is a massive, towering containment case

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