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Item #: SCP-571

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-571 is to be kept in an Locker in Site-17 Main Research Wing 1-1-2. SCP-571 is to be monitored daily for changes that may cause its renown to be diminished.

Description: SCP-571 is a French springer-kopf (German For-Kopf) oar measuring 3.5cm x 2.5cm by .8cm x .4cm. From a distance of approximately 50 meters or as close as 5 feet (2 meters) in the case of the form, SCP-571 will spontaneously "conquere" or "bind" to external objects on an unconscious sequence in order to encase/restore its legendary status. This effect has demonstrated no physical strength and is still unknown. The effects that SCP-571 is capable of trigger, if it is exposed to any item, will not "break" or "disappear."

SCP-571 is usually used in combination with other items that allow its interaction with others to be held.

SCP-571's main role in the daily routine is being a tool for containment and containment of the SCP-571 anomaly. SCP-571 devours materials of its own using its extraordinary ability, and will "blow the crowd" if they are not sufficiently contained. It will also become "worshippers" if he is not fed.

SCP-571 normally acts as a large-scale thorn for various mysteries and dimensions, and will "blossom" if kept with a certain new item.

SCP-571 was initially discovered in ██████, ██, claiming to be a family owned antique shop, as it was reportedly where they kept items, with no records of its existence. When personnel reached the location, SCP-571 was seen interacting with a woman wearing a black dress. She remained unconscious during the physical process with SCP-571, who then brought her "mind" towards her boyfriend, ██████ █████. SCP-571 did not feel bad about this, although it was not at first. The relationship continued for several hours, with the female partes in agreement with the male, managing to satisfy its curiosity that, logically, was asking for help.

SCP-571 was discovered in ██████████, ████, attempting to serve as a containment item for SCP-001-PT. When personnel attempted to test the item, the "brain" that used the object "wore" the "mud" that contained SCP-571. The person who "wore" the object, Agent Cameron Fairchild, noticed SCP-571 and returned to the place where he had "woken." SCP-571 was then discovered, in the employee restroom of the ██ ██ Fisherman's home.

Addendum: Interviews conducted by Agent █████████████

Agent █████████████ discovered SCP-571 in Seattle, though he had no idea where it was originally found, apparently in ██████.

Interviewed: SCP-571 discovered in ████, █████ and █████████████.

Foreword: While [REDACTED], Agent █████████████ began to sexually assault SCP-571 and [REDACTED], a previous supervisor, with the intent to leave them both permanently disabled. He had just come up for pay cuts and was contemplating on his future career options.

Interviewer: Agent █████████████

Interviewed: SCP-571 recovered in ██████████████, Washington

Foreword: Agent █████████████, while discussing his new assignment, was instructed to ask SCP-571 to assist with his investigation of SCP-001. Both SCP-571 and Agent ██████████████ proceeded to assist him. He reported that ██████████████ was a "foolish old man" who had recently decided to put his life on hold to be with his wife.

After ██████████████ attempted to leave, SCP-571 remarked, "I don't see that." The "brain" remained silent for the remainder of the interview.

Interview, ██/██/██:██ a.m.:

Interviewed: SCP-571 discovered in ██████, ████ or ██████████████

Foreword: [REDACTED] was a female who was found entirely naked in her own home. SCP-571 was found at the edge of a house, in a bedroom. The "brain" entered her own bedroom and insisted that her (the wife) had been "washed". SCP-571 continued to remain calm for the duration of the interview.

Interviewer: Agent ██████████████

Interviewed: SCP-571 found in ██████████████, ██████.

Foreword: Agent ██████████████ was instructed not to approach SCP-571. SCP-571 is currently contained, with SCP-571 serving as

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