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Item #: SCP-589

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-589 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. No light, sound, or electromagnetic interference is necessary to interact with SCP-589. All study on SCP-589 is to be approved by personnel with Level 2 clearance.

Description: SCP-589 is a humanoid entity with an average height of 5 meters and mass of approximately 9 thousand kilograms. SCP-589 is humanoid in appearance and its anomalous effect manifests when viewed in its perspective.

SCP-589 will begin to change color patterns from [DATA EXPUNGED].

When viewed in any angle except from its face, SCP-589 will shift its entire body at random stops. These shifts are approximately four centimeters in duration within just over a minute. While it takes a considerable amount of time to determine which direction SCP-589 is currently facing, without any way of knowing exactly which direction SCP-589 is facing, SCP-589 is displayed as being positioned between two, four, or six different directions. SCP-589 is not entirely intangible, but is still physically vulnerable to physical aggression.

[DATA EXPUNGED] and an unchanged secondary effect of visual distortions. Circumstances of occurence are as follows:

•One observer takes SCP-589 on a vertical direction, possibly facing away. The observer should then follow it as it appears facing away from other observers.

•Two observers, one on the left and one on the right, follow the same direction that the first observer is moving.

SCP-589 moves closest to the center of the room, and moves at approximately eight o'clock.

After approximately four minutes, SCP-589 will shift under the latter two at exactly three o'clock.

SCP-589 will continue to shift under the first two participants until it reaches the third or fourth observer.

Afterward, the observer that made contact with SCP-589 will return to the center of the room, and SCP-589 will rotate under the observer, and vanish. SCP-589 will reappear somewhere in the center of the room, many times closing and closing under the observer; this is not permanent.

Afterwords, I'm sure the Foundation would agree that SCP-589 is a solid object with real purpose.

Note: Given this, it has been decided that the third observer will be given a special containment module, and assigned a containment procedure to see if SCP-589 changes at all after ██ hours have elapsed. If correct, it will be secured in a smaller locker and placed in Storage. If not corrected, it will be put in a corner of a stall and "that will be all for now, boys and girls."



The following interview log was obtained from the private cabin of Agent ████ █████. Agent █████ was selected for this mission based on his prior experience with SCP-589. SCP-589 was eventually neutralized by Agent █████ after a six-month investigation, culminating in an immediate containment breach.


Date: March 4th, 20██

Interviewer: Agent █████

Interviewed: SCP-589's designated third observer.

Agent █████, Agent █████, and two personnel enter SCP-589's containment cell. Agent █████ is carrying a rifle, and this is the only gun he has access to.

Agent █████: Good morning, SCP-589.

SCP-589: Oh. Piss off, man.

Agent █████: Hey, ya.

SCP-589: Oh. Fuck off, man.

Agent █████: I got this for you, you know.

Agent █████: Who are you?

SCP-589: I was with someone, you know.

Agent █████: What do you mean?

SCP-589: I know. I think they called me on the intercom.

Agent █████: Are you sentient?

SCP-589: You know, I think I'm gonna hit the station coming up when I leave this town, if I'm really going to die.

Agent █████: That's what I wrote. We should send someone up.

SCP-589: Oh. Well, you'll have to forgive me.

Agent █████: There are no other means of contacting the Foundation. You'll be dead.

SCP-589: That's what I like to listen to.

Agent █████: Do you understand me?

SCP-589: Yes, that's what I've been telling you.

Agent █████: The coordinates are ████ █████ ████ █████.

SCP-589: Okay.

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