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Item #: SCP-591

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-591 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-001. Testing of SCP-591 requires approval from both Site Director and Field Site Director.

Description: SCP-591 is an adult human female of average height/weight. SCP-591 is approximately 74.2% male. SCP-591 appears to lack the reproductive organs of a female and all organs of its body are vestigial. SCP-591 is administered with an intravenous solution of 0.35M sodium bicarbonate every 8-10 minutes.

SCP-591 has a consistent affectively lifeless appearance and is composed of several layers of white, non-viable plastic.[DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-591 was recovered from ██████ ████ by agents of the ██ ██████ ██████.


Note: The entire irony of the 'Kondraki' references of various light-based anomalies to SCP-591 is largely unintentional.


Updated May 21,19██:

First experiment to demonstrate effects of SCP-591's effects.


Test 2

verified via digital camera

Model used:




-Temporary log made available for viewing by site personnel.


Note 2:


Note 3:



Note 5:

No record of this experiment is available.


Note 6:

Video Log

Updated May 11,20██:


1. SCP-591 is composed entirely of rubber, a different gasket and sheeting from standard SCP-591.

2. The framework used to construct SCP-591 is almost entirely made out of non-renewable Foundation materials.

3. Additional measures to help prevent SCP-591 from eroding during transportation have been devised by the Theme Team. Any personnel who attempts to leave SCP-591 with no other safety measures should be terminated if they have been exposed to SCP-591.

4. These measures include changing the primary container to one containing a single water solution, changing the secondary container into a sealed, non-anomalous water solution (which is produced by SCP-591), and using an incinerator to be activated by SCP-591 to prevent any of SCP-591 from absorbing the contents.

5. This is the only known method for stopping SCP-591 from eroding at any sample/object point.

6. In non-anomalous instances, SCP-591 has the effect of preventing the object from expanding.

7. Apparently relies on a communicative subroutine.

8. Article as of ██/██/214.

9. Description of SCP-591's anomalous properties are presently unknown.

10. SCP-591 does not show any improvement in physical properties after initial contact with SCP-591, nor does it weaken.

11. It is unclear what this protocol is.

12. Results were shown by several of the agents conducting the experiment to be almost completely successful.

13. All agents, including Dr. ███, didn't note the increased problem rate for attempting to access SCP-591's containment chamber.

14. Non-anomalous containment chambers are properly sized to the room/chemical composition of SCP-591.

15. All others have been upconverted.

16. Even Fam-IN-AM-O-J creates duplicates of itself when one is interrupted, and can produce duplicates of itself with the same effect.

17. No copy of SCP-591 has ever been discovered.

18. No other anomalous effect has changed.


1. Effectiveness of SCP-591 was shown to be at 14%, but has been shown to be at up to 92%, without any significant increase in impact due to the work being done on the SCP.

2. Foundation technical staff have failed to notice anything unusual from this point on.

3. After testing, the live sample no longer makes a sound, but the seal is still broken.

4. Has the same mass as an average-sized internal device.

5. Has no effect on any subject, but may be used to give it any anomalous effect.

6. It is unknown if this effect is permanent, though it may work on non-humanoids despite being non-anomalous.

7. Does not display any anomalous properties.

8. Behavior of SCP-591 can be seen without the use of any visual/auditory organs.

9. SCP-591 can be used to kill most non-living entities with very sharp objects.

10. It

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