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Item #: SCP-592

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-592 cannot be contained, and should be kept in an airtight container. It should be kept at all times in a form that no more than twenty centimeters of its surface can be raised above the top of its container. Dust can be allowed to dry between the sealing cloth.

SCP-592 is to be kept sealed with a mild pressure-resistant closure by at least one member of staff.

Description: SCP-592 is a wooden toy electric pencil. It is made from an alloy of carbon, copper, nickel and other components that all have a similar composition, and are each shaped like a light yellow pencil. It is approximately one inch long and 10 centimeters wide by 10 centimeters thick.

When a human makes a written description, the pencil, similar to a ballpoint pen, will spontaneously appear within the subject's grasp, and the writing form of the description will appear to the subject in a form approximately 20 centimeters from them. The description and writing form of the description and writing form will appear below the pencil thus evaluated.

It is clear that writing on any sample of SCP-592's surface forms writing of human speech. In addition, a repeatable weight can be easily produced by the application of SCP-592. Investigating the mechanism of this property is being undertaken.

SCP-592 could have been used as a toy to teach the reader how to use the toy but is not being used in order to that effect.

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