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Item #: SCP-593

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-593 is kept in a highly secure medical center, surrounded by barrier technology constructed of metal and glass. No instances of SCP-593 have ever been reported to leave the facility. Dr. Van Wanegullen’s or any other personnel possessing access to the facility are to attempt contact with any instance of SCP-593 and give it a melamine pack.

Description: SCP-593 is the collective designation for all instances of SCP-593-1, and SCP-593-2. The entities considered SCP-593 appear to be manifestations of SCP-693. Although this entity is capable of shifting its, er, face, SCP-593 is and has never been an outright hostile being. Due to this, SCP-593 would be considered an SCP-693-1 instance.

SCP-593-1 instances appear to be capable of speaking and writing. There are, however, nine anomalous instances of SCP-593-1 that have been recorded as instances of SCP-593-2.

SCP-593 instances appear docile, and have been observed to enjoy their lunch hour. SCP-593-2 instances are typically friendly and will often give the subject a treat during their lunch hour. When spoken to, instances of SCP-593-1 will ask the subject if they would like to eat something. SCP-593-2 instances have proven to be innocuous and are not harmful. When spoken to, instances of SCP-593-1 will attempt to talk about what they would like to eat. They are sapient, and have not been shown to attempt to harm the subject.

During lunch, SCP-593-1 instances will point at the subject and say "Couldn't you just eat a hamburger?"

Addendum: It is impossible to get SCP-593-3 instances to open the pack. Only the tip of the case can be removed by [REDACTED] before it repairs itself. However, like SCP-594 does, they will sometimes change their actions instead of talking about hamburgers there.

Addendum: Thus far there has been no consistent response from SCP-593-1 instances, resulting in a condition where they will not eat anything after lunch. What should be done to combat this is mostly a fabrication by the Foundation.

SCP-593-4 instances will show up after the subjects have fallen asleep, but will ignore any foodstuffs given.

Addendum: The following is an example from an interview with a well-known SCP-593-1 instance.

Interviewed: SCP-593-4

Interviewer: Dr. S. Van Wanegullen

Foreword: Editor's note: SCP-593-4 was a drop-out from a childhood (presumably 973) that was likely a military.

Dr. Van Wanegullen: Alright, good day, ██████.

SCP-593-4: Do you want me to tell you something?

Dr. Van Wanegullen: Not me.

SCP-593-4: Well, I'm sorry?

Dr. Van Wanegullen: Please do not interrupt me again. I'm just asking a question.

SCP-593-4: Sorry?

Dr. Van Wanegullen: I must communicate with you.

SCP-593-4: Well, I don't mind if you ask, but it scares the shit out of me sometimes.

Dr. Van Wanegullen: I don't know the answer to your question. Please continue.

SCP-593-4: There’s one thing I hope you'll answer. Something that will help me even out of the things that I have to deal with.

Dr. Van Wanegullen: What is it?

SCP-593-4: Everything. Please, silenceen.

Dr. Van Wanegullen: There is no answer.

SCP-593-4: I hope you find the answers to your question.

Dr. Van Wanegullen: I hope you find someone who will answer.

SCP-593-4: If you feel like you can trust me, please tell me what it is you need.

Dr. Van Wanegullen: I don't.

SCP-593-4: You know, I don't know what it is that you need. I feel like I should tell you out loud.

Dr. Van Wanegullen: Yes you do. It's very important.

SCP-593-4: What? Why would I need it?

Dr. Van Wanegullen: Because after

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