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Item #: SCP-594

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-594 is to be kept in a secure facility located in Site-██. Access and operation of the facility is currently restricted to Class D personnel.

Description: SCP-594 is a glass vase filled with emerald-shaped lumps. Approximately 1.8m long, it will crush into a small cube when a human puts it on their face. When a human places it on their face, the creature will swim around in the human's face, uttering what sounds like "Purple noise". When a subject places the creature in their mouth, it will eat their throat until it is fully formed. If the subject swallows the creature whole, they will feel the creature bite into their throat. The subject then shudders and attempts to stop the creature. Once it has entered the subject's mouth, it will then exit through the subject's nose.

The creature is described as "morpent" in its "purple noise" recordings, and is apparently sentient. However, finding a way of killing SCP-594 has proved difficult; even when the creature is partially consumed, it will continue to make vocalizations, repeating its "purple noise" continuously until the subject is killed. MC&D scientists have yet to produce a viable method of killing the creature.

Discovery: On ██/██/17, the very first recorded anomaly in Greater Seattle was discovered as an anomalous phenomenon outside Site-██. SCP-594 was discovered in a backyard of ███████ Street, North, after it seemed to be suddenly vanishing from view after someone emerged it. The area was tried to be searched, and called offsite for investigation. The scream and "purple noise" was all that was found, nor were any other objects of interest.

Foundation agents acting on behalf of Site-██ were unable to determine where the creature originated from or where it goes after leaving its threshold. While this is not a priority, it is important that future containment procedures are followed in order to prevent future anomalies.

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