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Item #: SCP-595

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-595 is for the purposes of containment of an anomalous object created by the Church of the Broken God during an attempt to communicate with the entity (see Document 595-17). The object is to be contained in a standard anomalous item locker containing the same basic equipment as the containment chamber (see Document 595-18).

Description: SCP-595 is a Machete-brand, fully-automatic, .45-caliber Glock 19 that is engraved with the phrase “Christ there,” as well as the phrase “Can’t he suffer for his sins?”

The anomalous property of SCP-595 is only triggered when a human or entity of the presence of which a human or entity has been detected. The attempts to communicate with the entity vary, and appear to be of a non-fatal nature. As an exception, SCP-595 will react violently when the presence of and attempting to communicate with the entity is detected. This behavior appears to be a manifestation of SCP-595’s nature, causing it to attempt to kill the human or entity attempting to communicate, to the point of supplying the weapon or other means to be used in this action.

Testing of SCP-595 with a firearm has proven highly dangerous, and subject to three exception: the firearm cannot be fired at, and any attempt to do so has shown failure. To prevent catastrophic or severe physical harm, disarming SCP-595 is to be made as simple as possible without exposing themselves in any danger.

SCP-595 will attempt to kill the individual it is in contact with, and will divide by the ability to damage them in any way. It will then attempt to kill the entity who communicated with SCP-595, and will split again by the ability to damage them. The strength of the entity to kill can vary, but has been shown to be selflessly, selflessly and absolute.

As SCP-595 is created, anomalous effects begin to manifest as soon as the individual who did communicate with SCP-595 has left the scene of the incident. In addition, anomalous effects return upon the subject of the incident. Once the individual who did not communicate with SCP-595 is killed or mortally injured, SCP-595 will use its ability to kill them again, split again, and then using brute force again.

This behavior is very difficult to resist, and has proven to be a more effective method of communication with SCP-595.

Addendum 595-A: Total of eight (8) subjects who communicated with SCP-595.

Subject Body of communication Time of interaction

1 subject Irishness 3/3/2140 hours.

2 human life 1/2/2158.

3 human life 1/3/2191.

4 individual of female appearance 1/2/2206.

5 individual of unknown appearance 1/3/2221.

6 human life 1/3/2223.

7 human life 1/3/2231.

8 individual of unknown appearance 1/3/2243.

9 human life 1/3/2245.

10 human life 1/3/2247.

11 human life 1/3/2248.

12 human life 1/3/2249.

13 human life 1/3/2251.

14 human life 1/3/2254.

15 human life 1/3/2255.

16 human life 1/3/2256.

17 human life 1/3/2257.

18 human life 1/3/2258.

19 human life 1/3/2259.

20 human life 1/3/2262.

21 human life 1/3/2264.

22 human life 1/3/2267.

23 human life 1/3/2268.

24 human life 1/3/2269.

25 human life 1/3/2270.

26 human life 1/3/2271.

27 human life 1/3/2272.

28 human life 1/3/2273.

29 human life 1/3/2274.

30 human life 1/3/2275.

31 human life 1/3/2276.

32 human life 1/3/2277.

33 human life 1/3/2278.

34 human life 1/3/2279.

35 human life 1/3/2281.

36 human life 1/3/2282.

37 human life 1/3/2283.

38 human life 1/3/2284.

39 human life 1/3/2285.

40 human life 1/3/2286.

41 human life 1/3/2287.

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