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Item #: SCP-596

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-596 is to be stored in a secure, out-of-length vault in Sector-15 in Site-43. Access to this vault is allowed at testing times.

Description: SCP-596 is a 100-square-meter (5x5mm) cube (SCP-596-1) weighing 1.4 pounds (0.59kg), approximately 3 inches (6.25cm) across. SCP-596-1's outer surface is polished black, with a thick corniche blue coating. SCP-596-1 is black, with a whitewashed black banding around the, presently undiscovered, spot on its surface.

SCP-596-1 appears to be made up of six parts. The surface of the substance acts as a voice-hearer. The sound emitted by SCP-596-1 is a complex mixture of arbitrary musical notes, played on a vinyl record, with no predictable pattern to what the notes are. There is no auditory pattern or meaning of the notes, apart from several prominent notes, the first of which is a 4/4 in D Major.

SCP-596-1 was recovered from [REDACTED] in a raid on [REDACTED], a suspected cult. When pressed for information, [REDACTED] claimed to have learned of a "surreal ghost" that was extremely frightening. SCP-596-1 was sealed within the [REDACTED] vault, and a special containment mannequin was put over SCP-596-1's mouth. This mannequin was worn by plainclothes officials at the scene and is presumed to have contained SCP-596-1 as well as the recorded music played by SCP-596-1.

SCP-596-1 was found to be a recording of Dr. Light's 1965 character "The Sound of Dr. Wondertainment", which was a hit at the time. When Dr. Wondertainment first produced the character, it sold roughly 50,000 units. The character was designed and programmed by Dr. Wondertainment, and released around 1963, and debuted in [REDACTED]. The character was used in the 1979 film Cosmic Starfish, titled "The War of the Toys".

It has been suggested by Dr. Light that a Hush-keep was created by SCP-596-1.

Attempts to add SCP-596-1 to SCP-596-2 have repeatedly proved fruitless, despite numerous attempts by [REDACTED] to do so.

SCP-596-2 is a collection of a quantity of alternate biographical material, all living humans, of various races, ethnicities, ages and appearances.

Each biographical item is accompanied by a complete transcription of a song played on a vinyl record by SCP-596-1 before the burial of SCP-596-1.


SCP-596-1 was found to be a recording of Dr. Wondertainment's "God Bless America, by the America People" (1984). The song appears to be a parody of Dr. Wondertainment's theme song, in which SCP-596-1 is said to have died in a car crash after being shot three times by security personnel.

The song is entitled "God Bless America, by the America People" and is written with sarcasm and a humorous tone.

Various contributions have been written using the song as a basis.

SCP-596-1 was previously the subject of a short story, "Loud, Easy, God Damn Hard, Disaster", in the newspaper "The Wedge. It was a screenshot of an article from the same month, about 'what happens when a god-fearing country takes Earth'".

It was recovered through various environmental related investigations in Site-43, and was recovered by Foundation personnel in short order.

Interview Log


Date Acquired: ██/██/1979

Interviewer: Dr. K. M. █████████ (6th inf, at time)


The reason for SCP-596-1's acquisition is primarily based on a tragedy S███████ █████████ (1934) witnessed during a family vacation to Florida. The family, a decade older than the average of the ██-██ group, were traveling to the North West when S███████ █████████ left their property to go to other family members' amusement parks.

S█████ █████████ came back to his house with his family, and was shot in the head, and died in the home. The incident was not recorded to any outside party, and was faked by the family himself.

A few years before the incident, SCP-596

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