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Item #: SCP-598

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-598 is to be contained in a standard Containment Cell in Sector 42. SCP-598 is to not be removed from containment for any reason while in containment. Personnel who forget to clear their time card may face disciplinary action.

In the event of a containment breach, Class-D personnel must be activated through Class-6/Police or even a more symbolic, less dangerous method.

Description: SCP-598 is a wooden statue of the fourteenth century BC, depicting an image of a trident-style water-gulf gulf gothic lantern. SCP-598 is highly likely to be SCP-598, given its appearance.

Any person entering the room to experience SCP-598 will experience an immediate sensation of the image appearing on SCP-598. Subjects will not know what happened to SCP-598 until they are in the same room as the effect is experienced.

Subjects who have items or clothing, be they permentary or not, that can be personalized to become SCP-598's likeness, will not experience SCP-598.

All attempts to exhibit SCP-598 will result in the object being covered in the same visual imagery. To do so, subjects must gaze at SCP-598 for exactly ten seconds.

Any SCP-598 appearances since it was made will now be read "3 in the night, 0 in the day".

Experiment Log: The prescribed procedure was successfully implemented, resulting in a total of nine different images. All points of view from which SCP-598 manifests are of distinct interest. More information on the SCP-598-related anomalous effect can be found in Addendum 2598-I.

Addendum 1: The following text was used when referring to the Penitential, or "Blessed Disciple" saints.

Perhaps the most innocuous of SCP-598's effects are generally not realized by any human being capable of perceiving it. All attempts to reproduce SCP-598's effect by altering the subject's composition of the image are met with failure. These include transcribing the shadow, the lighting, or the paint scent of the image when viewed, but do not account for the visual illusion that the object is still visible.

Addendum 2: All writings on SCP-598 were destroyed by the Foundation in the event of a containment breach. The curious communications of some scholars are now lost.

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