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Item #: SCP-610

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-610-1 and -2 are stored in standard holding chambers. Testing with SCP-610-3 or -4 is prohibited by order of O5 command.

Description: SCP-610-1 and -2 are opposites; SCP-610-3 is a humanoid entity projected out of the chamber into the air normally and measuring 1.4 meters in height with 22,903,631,666 skin segments. SCP-610-1 is augmented and partially augmented by SCP-610-4; all instances of SCP-610-1. SCP-610-1 appears to have special memories associated with it.

Addendum: SCP-610 was recovered from █████████ hospital in █████████, Ohio in 1975; this is the only foundation confirmed sighting of SCP-610 since its discovery. The following are the phonetically written notes left behind by SCP-610-1.

I am afraid to be the very last of my husband.

I think of dying.

I am not worth the rest of them.

His hand must be pierced.

I hope he lives.

I'm just a poor man.

Do you know him?

He's gone.

Do you know him?

He's gone.

Do you know him?

He's gone.

Addendum: Dr. Maratsiak suggests that, prior to containment, SCP-610 was a product of the same group as SCP-610-1, but rather than having been gas-masked through a successful SCP-610-2 attack, SCP-610-3 was pulled out through a mask of a civilian who was drunk and under the influence of [REDACTED], (see Document 1962.02) and finished arriving at the hospital.

Addendum: Due to the number of instances recovered, a list of locations where SCP-610-3 and -4 manifested during early encounters is currently under research.

Addendum: While a number of instances of SCP-610-1 and -2 appear to travel the Gaussian distribution, the average radius of SCP-610-3 is approximately 1.7 meters. SCP-610-3 appears to be a projection of SCP-610-2's form, and is often misconstrued to be a separate entity. SCP-610-1 and -2 construct their own architecture with SCP-610-3's construction.

Addendum: For an example of SCP-610-1's construction, see Document 1962.02. SCP-610-3 requests the incinerator be used on SCP-610-2 if possible.

Addendum: In order to neutralize SCP-610-3 and -4, one must immediately destroy SCP-610-3 and destroy SCP-610-2. SCP-610-3 must be completely destroyed and/or absorbed. After capturing SCP-610-3, containment is concluded for the day; any attempts to remove SCP-610-3 or -4 are to be made in the event that the instance does not arrive within the next 24 hours.

Since the invention of the Conduits, SCP-610 has been a focal point for anomalous content, including memetic hazards, memetic effects, anomalous software, null-terminating data, SCP-610-03, -06, -10, and -11.

Addendum: Due to the lack of a cure, SCP-610 has proven incapable of killing SCP-610-2.

Addendum: URSSSSR Protocols have been implemented in order to cover the full flow of SCP-610-3 and -4.


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