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Item #: SCP-066

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-066 is contained in a standard human sized storage box. SCP-066-1 is contained within a six-metre storage box. SCP-066-1 is to be fed a diet of raw chicken once a day to replace lost caloric intake.

Description: SCP-066 is a male human who requires food sustenance. SCP-066 sports a number of nonanomalous organs, and is capable of speech. SCP-066 is capable of rendering any programming with an Arduino microcontroller within five (5) hours of being fed.

SCP-066 is located in a warehouse in ██████ ██████, ██████, ██████████, and responds to external stimuli.

Automatic testing of SCP-066 has proven inconclusive, but has not revealed any unusual characteristics. A full list of these warning signs is available to preauthorized research personnel. SCP-066 states that it believes the entity to be "wooing" the entity, though it has not explained what it means.

When touched by a human, SCP-066 will discover a specific answer to its own initial "interview question". This is likely due to the entity's inherent form of communication. SCP-066 is also aware of the entity, and will attempt to communicate with it.

Following this the entity will produce a mercenary suit and an anomalous item from one of two possible sources. SCP-066's limited intelligence and in-built anomalous properties are likely to cause SCP-066 to "plead" in return. SCP-066 does not know what the previous product is or what it is saying, and has only been provided with items of varying purpose. ████████ ████████, who monitors SCP-066's anomalous properties throughout the upper echelons of the Foundation hierarchy, has been specified as SCP-066's primary driver.

At this point SCP-066's anomalous properties become apparent. The entity's introspection, or lack thereof, is likely to cause it to identify themselves. Proficiency in a practical knowledge of CAD, computer science, or basic engineering is required. Foundation personnel testing SCP-066 said some of the following:

•Their life is on the line.

•They have paid for this.

•Their of interest can be accessed only through limited means.

•The entity is ambitious in order.

•They are a threat to the Foundation's safety.

•They threaten the Foundation's containment.

Upon doing nothing for several hours SCP-066 will directly answer the question.

Addendum 6: SCP-066's creation process is currently unknown. In the event that SCP-066 is made aware of what's in its possession, it will assume that it can get away with using the items it requests to. If the entity is held, SCP-066 will assume the following:

•The entity has access to the Foundation's systems, information, and the means to defeat them.

•The entity has access to anomalous materials.

•The entity knows the Foundation's layout of the Foundation, and will know how to access them.

•The entity knows the Foundation's functions.

On ██/██/██, SCP-066 allegedly received a 'hoo' from the "wooing" entity. Upon inquiring what the entity's status was, SCP-066 received a response similar to the entity's within the space of a few minutes.

Since the commencement of containment procedures, SCP-066 has been allowed access to items produced by the SCP-2647 that is otherwise not contained; these items come with the purchase of a Foundation liaison and no containment procedures have been observed.

Addendum 7: SCP-066 appears to have a fairly good memory; in the event that SCP-066 is unable to remember something, it will subconsciously remember what it is unable to recall. This effect has been observed to persist even when SCP-066 has beaten the entity into submission.

Addendum 8: SCP-066 has told several Foundation personnel in recent weeks that SCP-0666 has a construction date. This has been deemed likely due to SCP-066's lacking guidance in how to construct it; SCP-066 has been told of construction progress since its initial containment procedures.

Addendum 9: SCP-066 has told many Foundation personnel that SCP-0666's propulsion is comprised of nature's waste.

Addendum 10: SCP-066 was found dead on 3/5/2017 in ████████ ████, ██████████, just in time to be one of the first personnel to reactivate SCP-2647.


1. In SCP-2647's case, it is impossible for subjects to communicate with it in any language other than one of SCP-2647's native languages, so most researchers

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