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Item #: SCP-067

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-067 is stored in a safe in Site-██. The area within the safe is to be kept clean at all times. Mobile Task Forcees equipped Containment Breach teams are to monitor SCP-067's progress, but are not to enter the area unless to use newly developed Para-Honca-C-sustra-3 (PEPSCAT) scanning technology.

Description: SCP-067 is a nine-meter iron statue (see below), depicting a male humanoid at the waist, whom users describe as wearing a "male's suit" and "an old man" (originated as a backup plan to the statue's original erection). No known physical properties of SCP-067's outer shell have been determined, and no indication as to how it was made have been found.

SCP-067's anomalous properties begin to manifest ██/██/20██, when Foundation personnel was alerted by an international thaumic organization that a statue of a female human male skeleton, currently in containment, had been discovered near ███████████ ██. Foundation personnel requested permission to salvage the statue. After initial containment procedures were completed and the statue no longer posed a threat to Foundation interests, Foundation agents evacuated the statue. Foundation personnel has since attempted to restore SCP-067 to its original containment area, and have already killed SCP-067's creators when testing the Vezue-Softresistance Formula, based on the anatomy of SCP-067's original containment area. Testing has been temporarily halted until further containment procedures can be finalized.

The statue is visible in a glass-like object with a head that allows its body to be seen from the outer shell. Although it is not visible when viewed from the exterior shell, it is visible in the SCP-067's functionality. Forced by severe damage to its shells, SCP-067's original containment area is to be cleaned daily by Foundation Investigative Teams. All the actions taken to ensure SCP-067's freedom of movement and make it safe for future use are now recorded in Document-67-0012.

The following is the anomalous, yet non-destructive dance of SCP-067's new containment area.

Specimens of SCP-067 (i.e. entities created by SCP-067) have all been sterilized.

A: The SCP-067 is the manifestation of an entity currently contained within the outer shell of SCP-067's body. SCP-067 is currently in containment, and has been shown to be able to continue living outside of its containment area.

B: Oh god, it is supposed to be a collaboration between the Foundation and the Chalice.

C: No one owns this SCP.

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