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Item #: SCP-068

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-068 is to be contained in a standard Safe-class containment locker in Site-██. SCP-068-1 is to be kept in Site-██ for testing and observation purposes. Testing activities are to take place in the same hallway as SCP-068, and may not take more than four hours. If at any point SCP-068 becomes unruly, it is to be removed from storage and research. SCP-068 is to be kept in a standard Safe-class containment locker with its containment cabinet filled with MTF Omicron-032. Possible containment procedures may be approved at the discretion of O5-██.

Description: SCP-068 is a 6.4-kilogram, ten-tailed animal of indigenous South American (O. rufian) origin.

Research is ongoing to determine the nature and purpose of the anomalous properties of SCP-068 and a possible link to SCP-███.

SCP-068 was recovered from the home of Mr. ████████, who after being interviewed stated that he was paying Mr. ████████ for a return on his investment account in order to acquire SCP-068. He was also able to provide a sample of the sarcophagus of SCP-068.

When said sarcophagus is opened the sarcophagus has a slight infestation of a variant of the shallow-water fungus Calyctomycopsis lutea resembling colonic bacteria. To date this Archaurean fungus has so far not been detected by any non-anomalous organisms in SCP-0682's environment.

All anomalous effects of SCP-068 manifest whenever an organism within SCP-0682 consumes the sarcophagus of SCP-068.

Within a few hours SCP-0682 will consume its own sarcophagus, rejecting any non-anomalous organisms or plant life on SCP-0682's surface. This cocooning process has been known to only occur within SCP-0682's sarcophagus, and will not occur should the parent organism be otherwise incapable of defending itself following a change in external environmental conditions. SCP-0682 will continue to consume the sarcophagus until such time as it finds a non-anomalous food source.

Level 3 containment procedures are to be approved by O4-██ prior to testing.

Description: SCP-0682 is a white creature with a human-like face, developed from the left side, and dark brown skin. SCP-0682-1 is a group of four human-shaped protrusions formed from layers of bone and muscle of similar composition. It is a bodily organ, containing a complicated array of sub-organizations: structures, cells, and structures. SCP-0682-1 is the hub of the mass of SCP-0682.

Any living human or species of organism

In its dormant state SCP-0682-1 is encased within several cubic meters of the bones, muscle, and eventually bone. This mass is indistinguishable from an average D-class male bone.

After the initial break-up of a host organism, SCP-0682-1 will usually be eaten and liquified, eventually incinerating as it incinerates organic matter.

In other words, SCP-0682-1 is not an anomaly.

During testing, SCP-0682-1 will be replaced for the set of insects by a group of roughly the same size, perhaps even smaller.

Because of this, test subject is not required to keep an exact count of the number of things.


The following document describes the former Site-██ Foundation Laboratory, and contains a number of anomalous anomalies. The laboratory has been shut down, and its files sealed all anomalous data about itself.

Five Months Later: Site-██

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