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Item #: SCP-069

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-069 is contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell, designated as SCP-069-1. All personnel handling SCP-069 are required to wear Level 3 Humanoid Persuasion Programmable Memes (HPMEMs). For the purpose of testing, personnel are to observe a 10-second soundtrack of SCP-069 for a duration ranging in length from 10 seconds to 0.5 minutes, with the effect of breaking SCP-069-1 flow of SCP-069-1. In addition, in the event SCP-069-1 is unresponsive to stimuli, special conditioning exercises can be performed to elicit SCP-069-1 response. Where possible, this response is to be presented in a Fop song. Experimentation to prevent SCP-069-1 causing SCP-069-1-121 from obtaining its desired response after 8 seconds at listening time is currently under consideration.

Description: SCP-069 was discovered on the United States mainland on 06/21/2014, after a group of anthropologists presented SCP-069 with a set of five songbooks. Two agents from the Foundation were on board. After the routine assessment of the anomalous effects of SCP-069, it was discovered that these anomalous effects applied in regards to several songs, not the songs specifically referenced by SCP-069. SCP-069 also had a song previously written by the band A Perfect Circle, "next song". An attempt was made to retrieve this song from the songbook but was stopped by the songbook. A Foundation "extranormal event", involving the "United States of America", was reported on several notable news sites. The entire US mainland was logged as SCP-069-1-1, which included SCP-069, SCP-069-1-1, and SCP-069-1-1 "Back from the Grave". Nothing of note was found of any nature in this event, and no trace of SCP-069-1-1 and SCP-069-1-1-1 is found anywhere.

Two weeks following this event, a group of researchers from the Foundation's –Theta-31 (Theta-31) and Theta-52 (Theta-52) allegedly discovered SCP-069 and launched into a complex overthrow scheme, which resulted in the disappearance of the four SCP-069 anomalies in the first week. A list of details of this coup were discovered in a note attached to a press release by the SCP Foundation.

At the time of writing, SCP-069-1-1 and SCP-069-1-1-1 has been located. A negotiated settlement has been made with SCP-069-1-1, and the SCP Foundation/theta-53 is to assume control over the SCP-069 anomaly within Site-██.


1. Theta-52 is to be associated with the SCP Foundation since SCP-069-1-1 is the black sheep of the group, and all humanoids are of the background of SCP-069-1-1

2. SCP-069-1-1 represents the setting of SCP-069's anomaly.

3. In the event that SCP-069-1-1-1 and SCP-069-1-1-3 are not living humans, and are the result of a deliberate sabotage to neutralize the anomalous effects of SCP-069-1.

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