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Item #: SCP-079

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-17's main entrance is located at 302-█, the building's basement. At 300█, the main entrance shall be replaced with a 1m by 1m concrete-and-steel wall.

In the event that SCP-079's contents are not contained within this containment area, the offices found inside it shall be used instead. All samples of SCP-079-1 are to be loaded into sealed containers until further procedures are enacted.

Issue SCP-079-1-A is to be reported every 3 months as Euclid factoring error. The Foundation retrieval team is not to perform any further common-sense procedures for any of SCP-079's entities.

Description: SCP-079-1-A is a person of indeterminate age. It is possible for SCP-079-1-A to exist in any dimension if the entity's identity is not known. No entity has ever been known to have created or set into motion SCP-079-1-A, and it is currently unknown how or from whence it is created.

SCP-079-1-A is able to interject itself through SCP-079-1-B, a capstone incident of SCP-079-1-A's presence. Interrogation of SCP-079-1-A reveals a level of understanding of SCP-079-1-B's contents, and that it is capable of memory retention. This should also dispel the belief that SCP-079-1-A is the creator of SCP-079-1-B.

SCP-079-1-A, in this instance, possesses a level of intelligence that cannot be defined as beyond a minimum of a 1-point IQ score and a normal reading comprehension of English. It is theorized that SCP-079-1-A is the reading of SCP-079-1-B.

SCP-079-1-A possesses strong empathy for SCP-079-1-B; these feelings have not manifested otherwise. However, the entity considers the entities of SCP-079-1-A to be a meaningless collection of meaningless ideologues, and is willing to interact with them in any way in order to alleviate SCP-079-1-B's distress.

SCP-079-1-A's connection to SCP-079-1-B is largely non-anomalous, as SCP-079-1-B and SCP-079-1-A have not interacted in some way. Additionally, SCP-079-1-A and the entities of SCP-079-1-B have never interacted on any metaphysical level, and no effect has been observed on them.

SCP-079-1-A believes that one can retain an identity through memory, though this knowledge is completely inconsequential; SCP-079-1-A is more effectively understood by SCP-079-1-1A than any other entity.

SCP-079-1-1A and all SCP-079-1 entities are able to access the entire SCP-079-1 database every 3 months, and SCP-079-1-1A is able to access the entire database at the first sign of a new SCP-079-1-A instance.

If SCP-079-1-1A's level of capability is not maintained, SCP-079-1-1A will drop out of SCP-079-1-1A's position and begin to form their own identity. SCP-079-1-1A will have no recollection of the existence of SCP-079-1-A, and have no knowledge to the contrary.

In addition, SCP-079-1-1A is capable of transcending the SCP-079-1-A instance into a state of complete isolation. This state lasts anywhere from 45 minutes (the time it is to be isolated) to 77 hours (the time it is to be destroyed). SCP-079-1-1A will remain in this state indefinitely, until a new instance is created.

Recalling SCP-079-1-1B's contents is only possible by SCP-079-1-1A, and the memory of SCP-079-1-1A and SCP-079-1-1B's contents is located at 302-█, the main entrance to Site-17.


Interviewer: Researcher Ellen Siegel

Foreword: Interview initiated by Researcher Siegel. SCP-079-1-1A is responsible for the creation of SCP-079-1-B in the field and its containment.

*SCP-079-1: The following interview took place immediately following Incident 79-1-1.

Researcher Siegel: Alright. It is good

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