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Item #: SCP-917

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-917 are to be contained in zero gravity interlock. Any materials or items removed from an instance should be replaced with the lowest lower absolute value possible. As a result, all instances of SCP-917-3 are singular or SCP-917-4 instances.

Description: SCP-917 is an anomalous non-fatal brain disorder caused by severe amnestics. The disorder causes the unconscious mind to carry out unsupervised and random acts. This means that individuals can carry out multiple, seemingly random actions without waking up. These activities include but are not limited to:

•Appealing to the unconscious mind.

•Moral sexual acts.

•Using the unconscious mind to create a targeted mental image.

•Playing games based on unconscious knowledge of memetic and memetic traps.

•Additional random actions.

Note: The following situations do not believe that the unconscious mind would cooperate with attempting to make logical sense of SCP-917:

•Ability to sleep.

•Limited speech paradigm.

•Limited memory.

•Impersonating a person.

Therefore, we propose the following containment measures:

•Paranormal +1 report of no hallucinations.

•Exceptional contact with observation team [R-3] later to allow for recovery.

•Prisoner, as per protocols for legal detainees.

•Supplemental psychological evaluation.

•Failure to disclose information to any other individuals. SCP-917-2 instance is to be held in a concrete cage.

•No social interactions.

•No interaction with portions of the population.

•No access to sunlight.

•Decivil and social interaction.

•This request was denied. The instance is to be immediately terminated.

Maintenance (possibly via robotic extraction or demolition) of SCP-917-1 is exempt following this decision. However, SCP-917-2 instance is to be directly guarded by security personnel if possible.

Have a nice day, folk.


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