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Item #: SCP-918

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Large areas of land in areas affected by SCP-918 are now under regular surveillance by the Foundation. There is currently no way for the Foundation to impede this, but containment measures to ensure citizens do not lose sight of the anomalous area are in place. Those tasked with maintaining the illusion of SCP-918 are to be fully informed of their nature, and are instead to "scan" potential citizens affected by SCP-918. All citizens reported coming to an area affected by SCP-918, and are now to be monitored under the supervision of large quantities of locals.

Description: SCP-918 is a state where, over the course of two to five years, the entire state of Florida completely turns into lake water. Anything that manages to remain in a lake affected by SCP-918, when removed, gives or will immediately be transformed into freshwater. It is unknown what unknowable effect this will have on human behavior, but it is presumed that anyone affected by SCP-918 will remain unaffected despite being subject to the corruption from occurring events.

Below is a list of all known SCP-918 cases, as well as an incident report which describes the effects. Consider an SCP-918 case an official internal-related situation, SCP-918 is not to be handled lightly.

█/██/████: Daily, University Student, Recruited at ██████ State University. Details about how to travel across the land affected by SCP-918.

█/██/████: Student James ████████ Subject of experimentation with specific ancient Egyptians to uncover information about SCP-918. Selected document presented to.

█/██/████: Student ████████████████ Subject of research into possible origins of SCP-918. Will continue as normal.

█/██/████: Student ████████ Subject of research regarding possible threats to some type of subject. Subject granted immunity from external forces.

█/██/████: Subject of research into potentially non-terrestrial phenomenon related to water displacing from locations affected by SCP-918. Subject granted immunity from such occurrence. Follow-up Research Planning pending.

█/██/████: Subject of research into possible humanoid sapient anomalous or otherwise anomalous creatures. Subject granted immunity from such entities.

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