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Item #: SCP-960

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the state that SCP-960 has increased in direct violence compared to its condition, all known methods of containment are to be used in order to prevent accidental Initial Object Returns, as well as preventing SCP-960 from reprisal attacks. Unlike other Methods of Containment Procedures, SCP-960 is typically not harmed by the procedures.

Description: SCP-960 is a appeared golden sign which advertises several employment opportunities. SCP-960 is faded, mostly black and white, which translates to "Happy Employment Times!!!" Yet due to irregularities in record-keeping and the numerous deaths of people who have attempted to use it, it is unknown if this is as true as it could be.

The physical appearance of SCP-960 has usurped the other minor imperfections of the object, such as the varying heights, ranging from 15cm to 45cm, or the exact depth of its eyes. As with many indications of the object's mission, it is unknown how SCP-960 has bred and targeted the employment.

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